So, here we are, Canberra’s first lockdown in over a year. 

Deprived of holidays, socialising and going to bars, the staff at Plonk (Plonksters) have picked out the 10 best spirits for you to try while stuck at home.

This list details our top picks for spirits that are a little out of the ordinary and completely out of this world, so you can go exploring without leaving Canberra.

  1. Dark Matter Spiced Rum – $81.90

A unique blend of Asian spices distilled in scotch, for the dad that’s missing the Scottish countryside.

It is Scotland’s first and only Rum, made in a purpose built distillery in Banchory. The result is a remarkable spiced rum made with only the finest, fresh ingredients and an attention to detail.

$81.90 SHOP HERE



2. Corowa Bosque Verde – $165.00

Keep it local. 

Corowa Distillery does not just make an outstanding range of whiskies, no they also made a pretty clever deal a few years ago, when purchasing the old Corowa mill for only $1. Now a destination this Aussie brand makes whiskies for all types of whisky lovers.

A fine blended whisky with ripe cherries, raisins and hints of chocolate.

$165.00 Shop HERE



3. Joadja Whisky Single Malt – $149.90

A true Sherry Bomb, this expression from arguably one of the most authentic paddock to bottle distilleries in the country serves up another truly aromatic whisky.

Dates, figs and burnt toffee together with a sublime long finish is just the start. American Oak Pedro and Ximenez Barrels.

$149.90 SHOP HERE




4. Highland park Leif Erickson – $119.00

Aged in sherry seasoned American oak.

Tropical fruit, orange blossom and a hint of smoke

$119.00 SHOP HERE. 

On special, save $30




5. Hellyers Road Whisky Pack – $129.90

Whisky tasting session?

This 3- pack from Hellyers Road showcases some of the best Tasmanian Whiskies out there.

$129.90 SHOP HERE

Hellyers Road offers a wide range of amazing Single Malts, plus some seriously tasty cream liqueurs. To see our entire range available check here.




6. Ardbeg Uigeadail – $159.00

Courtesy of maturation in both old bourbon and sherry casks.

The Ardbeg Uigeadail has a flavour of Christmas pudding, glazed smoked ham with a burst of clove-driven spice on the finish.

$159.00 SHOP HERE





7. Basil Hayden’s Bourbon – $84.90


Basil Hayden’s Bourbon is simply a masterpiece – a unique, singular small batch bourbon whiskey with rich hints of peppermint, notes of pepper, slight citrus overtones, and a spicy, warming finish.

$84.90 SHOP HERE




8. Suntory Special Reserve Blended Whisky – $99.90

A very Japanese whisky for someone wanting something a little different.

The whisky is a blend of Chita grain, Yamazaki, Hakushu malts matured in first fill American oak barrels. This has created a whisky that is creamy and complex as well as fruity with proportionally higher percent of Hakushu malt that imparts classic Hakushu notes of stewed green apples.

$99.90 SHOP HERE



9. Writers Tears Double Oak Cognac – $74.90

Marries American oak and French oak cognac casks

Writers Tears Pot Still Irish Whiskey delivers a wonderful combination of soft bourbon notes with an undercurrent of light malt with crisp, mouth watering bursts of honey and spice. This is a throwback to the last century in Ireland where spiced Pure Pot Still Whiskey was married with floral single malt.

$74.90 SHOP HERE



10. Shene Mackey Trinity – $199.90

Double Gold Award Winning Tasmanian Whiskies

Mackey Trinity is the embodiment of the triple distilled journey their whisky undertakes and portrays their innovative three oak cask seasoning method.

Firstly matured in exclusive Australian Tawny casks, then further evolved in timeless Spanish Sherry Oak from Andalusia, Spain and finished in Portuguese Port Pipe wood from Douro Valley, Portugal, creating a multifaceted whisky.

$199.90 SHOP HERE





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