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You are familiar with our team when you are lucky enough to visit our store, scroll below through our staff’s bio’s to delve into their inner desires of ‘Plonk’ and other interests.

Damien :

I’ve been in the liquor industry for more than 30 years. I found my passion for wine at an early age and love to explore all parts of the wine world. I really enjoy helping customers find the perfect gift or the best wine to match a special meal. Many holidays have been spent exploring wineries across Australia and Europe.


I’m Aiden, I’ve been a bartender for a couple of years, so I know my way around classic cocktails. I also love wild beers, French whites, and all things sparkling wine. You’ll often find me by the Champagne shelf, looking longingly at the great wines of the Vallée de la Marne.

Pat :

I’m Pat, born right here in the ACT. Canberra is my home. It’s the best place to live and work. I love my job at Plonk – my specialty is anything sour and sweet. Mostly beers but also sometimes spirits. I like helping customers choose different products and answering their questions about different things.

Ingrid :

I’m a Canberra local who fell in love with all things beer during my 5+ years working in hospo. I’ve had a blast exploring a huge range of international beers in the time I’ve been at Plonk. I’m also beginning to explore the wonderful world of wine with the help of my expert colleagues.
I’m a huge fan of dark beers, big IPA’s, and pretty much all things beer.  I also occasionally enjoy a nice gin and tonic (or two).

My interests are climbing, sewing, and collecting cool beer cans and turning them into lights!


I’m a veteran of the hospitality industry.  Originally training and working as a chef in Tasmania, New South Wales and the ACT, I specialised in event catering as well as fine dining. I then went on to work in hotel management before a mid career move into the public service.  I began working at Plonk in 2018 where I particularly enjoy helping customers match food with wine.  My favourite wine style/varieties are Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Nebbiolo.  My favourite beer styles are pilsners, Irish reds, and cream ales.  My favourite cocktail is a dry martini.

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