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Oscar 697 Extra Dry Vermouth 500ml


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Wild Fennel and Rosehip to create a floral bouquet without having an invasive dryness sensation. Oak Infusion to create roundness and goldish colour without increasing the sweetness. Oak Infusion is the most innovative ingredient. We literally infuse oak junks in an hydro-alcoholic solution for apx 3 months and the extract we produce is then used as a normal ingredient. Trebbiano di Romagna as wine base because it’s neutral and it lasts much more than Moscato or Cortese. The minimum according to the EU disciplinary. 25 grams per litre of Sugar. The driest Vermouth in the market together with Martini Extra Dry. Without the alcoholic fortification, it could be easily considered a traditional wine. Born to be used as main flavoured ingredient in the Classic Martini Cocktail, either Gin or Vodka based.

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Weight 0.9 kg
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 26 cm
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StyleDry Vermouth
Alcohol By Volume18%
Weight0.9 kg
Length8 cm
Width8 cm
Height26 cm
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