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Kotsuzumi Hanafubuki Junmai Ginjo


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The Sake: KOTSUZUMI “HANAFUBUKI” is an award winning, versatile Junmai Ginjo made from local rice and pure soft water that comes from a well on the premises which is replenished by the Takeda River. The label is designed by a Japanese artist who spent some years living in Alfama, Portugal!

TASTING NOTES: Restrained, light texture with a gentle floral bouquet. Green Fruits, apple and melon on the nose. Pairs well with raw fish and fresh salads in light vinegar or citrus dressing.

The BREWERY: Nishiyama Brewery was established in 1849. Nishiyama Brewery has been passed down for 6th generations and over 170 years. Most of the rice they use is from local farmers and a rare varietal called Hyogo Kitanishiki which is cultivated in small quantities by the brewers themselves.

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Weight 0.6 kg
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 15 cm
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VarietalJunmai Ginjo
Alcohol By Volume16.5%
Weight0.6 kg
Length6 cm
Width6 cm
Height15 cm
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