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Tiny Bear Gin Pack


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3 X 200ml Tiny Bear Trio Gin Gift Box

The Doctor 42% alc – 6.8 standard drinks

The Gypsy 43% alc – 6.6 standard drinks

The Sailor 58% all – 9.2 standard drinks

The Doctor

A front to back, well-rounded palate; With notes of juniper, herbal tones, fronted by dill, sweetness from almond, a warm woody note to end from cinnamon and roots.

TB Recommendations:
Add tonic with
Apple = floral notes
Citrus = refreshing g&T
[lemon, lime or grapefruit]

The Gypsy

A mid-back palate; warm and spicy comfort from exotic peppers, cumin and ginger.

TB Recommendations:
Add tonic with
cucumber = cool the spice
orange = almond sweetness
clove = warm spice
ginger slice or beer
Honestly anything. Go Nuts!

The Sailor

Easy and simple slow sipper, juniper base, orange, clove and spiced cardamom.
TB Recommendations:
Be brave = neat / on rocks
Add tonic with
Orange & clove = extra warmth
Slice of ginger = extra kick

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Weight 0.8 kg
Dimensions 16 × 6 × 12 cm
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Size3 x 200mL
Alcohol By Volume46%
Weight0.8 kg
Length16 cm
Width6 cm
Height12 cm
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