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Tempest Smoked Islay Imperial Stout



Known as 'whiskey island', Islay is the centre o f the smokey, peaty single malt universe and for good reason their barrels take centre stage in cellar. Ageing imperial stouts in these beautiful casks is a high wire act of accentuating the rich peatiness of the casks while rounding out the unmistakable iodine and smokey flavours of the barrel. Once the smoke clears, the flavours of rich fruit cake, dark chocolate and molasses emerge. The result is an intense, decedant stout to lose yourself in.  

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Additional Information
Weight .4 kg
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 13 cm
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Alcohol By Volume13%
Weight.4 kg
Length7 cm
Width7 cm
Height13 cm
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