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Lindemans Kriek 355mL



A meeting with American importer Charles Finkel in the 1970s revolutionised the fruit beer segment. Charles convinced Lindemans to export their old kriek to the United States by boat. 

What they had not thought of is that the movement of the waves would reactivate the fermentation process and cause the corks to pop during the trip. To prevent that from happening, they developed an alternative production method for their kriek. 

Lindemans use fresh, not from concentrate, unsweetened cherry filtrate which they blend with lambic that is at least one year old before fermenting & macerating for up to 3 days and pasteurising the whole batch.

Category: Brand:Lindemans Brewery
Additional Information
Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 19 cm
Ticket Info
Alcohol By Volume3.5%
Weight.5 kg
Length7 cm
Width7 cm
Height19 cm
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