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Dainton Hop Rising – Defiantly Hopped IPA



Bright and Gold in colour with a thick mousse head. Aroma is dank pineapple with red grapefruit and herbaceous, candied orange. The flavour is soft and resinous with a medley of tropical notes.

The Brewing Process
The idea behind Hop Rising was to introduce, new unconventional ways of adding more hop flavour and aroma compounds to the beer!

We didn’t just add copious amounts of hops during the kettle, whirlpool and to the fermenter, we also added hops to the Mash, Lauter Tun and first runnings into the kettle. We wanted to unlock more organic compounds called Thiols; these aromatic compounds are liberated by enzymes from the malting and mashing processes which give rise to more tropical notes. This, combined with a large dry hop, has produced a fresh, tropical West Coast IPA with a healthy dose of dank. 

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Additional Information
Weight .4 kg
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 12 cm
Ticket Info
Varietalwest Coast IPA
Alcohol By Volume6.8%
Weight.4 kg
Length7 cm
Width7 cm
Height12 cm
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