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Big River Vodka


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Made in a similar fashion to a distilled gin, ultra-pure neutral spirit is re-distilled in the presence of 3 grains, rye, buckwheat and barley. The grains sit in the still’s copper botanical basket helping keep the smoky aromas that derive from them in check.

The result is a novel flavored vodka with grainy, smoky and nutty flavors at first followed by a faint shaved-chocolate character from the buckwheat. The palate is smooth initially, with a spicy mid-palate due to the rye and the spirit in combination, finishing with a rounded, slightly viscous mouthfeel and clean aftertaste.

Brand:Big River Distilling Co
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Weight 1.4 kg
Dimensions 9 × 9 × 22 cm
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Alcohol By Volume40%
Weight1.4 kg
Length9 cm
Width9 cm
Height22 cm
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