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Tasman Tango is a dance we’ve created. That’s right a dance! A dance of brewing, where we compare malt and hops from AUS and NZ, and brew them separately, but to the same recipe. All so you can drink them side by side and compare and contrast the two countries produce. NZ: In Gladfield’s Supernova (unique to them), the beer picks up characteristics of light caramel, and light roast and biscuit notes. This gives clean depth and flavour to the malt base without finishing sweet. Motueka and Rakau are both Saaz derived hops known for their spicey and herbal bitterness, which have been paired with the clean and nutty Gladfield malt bill. And then of course a dry hop (it is a session IPA after all!), which gives a delicate lime and stone fruit character. Which is better? We hope you enjoy the dance. AUS: In Voyager’s Voodoo (unique to them), delivers characteristics of caramel and medium roast biscuit notes. This adds richness and palate weight to the pale malt base, finishing with just enough body to stand up to the boisterous and juicy Australian hops. Australian Cascade and Vic Secret are bold, juicy and fruity hops which provide a soft bitterness and enough fresh mango and citus aroma to balance the Voyager malt. Which is better? We hope you enjoy the dance!

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Weight 0.46 kg
Dimensions 6.5 × 6.5 × 16 cm
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Size440 mL
StyleIPA - Session
Alcohol By Volume4.0%
Our Ratinghttps://www.ratebeer.com/beer/batch-tasman-tango-pale-ale/776781/
Weight0.46 kg
Length6.5 cm
Width6.5 cm
Height16 cm
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