Batch Big Pun’net

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Weight 1.1 kg
Dimensions 6.5 × 6.5 × 28 cm
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Ticket Info
Size640 mL
Alcohol By Volume7.5%
Our Rating
Tasting NotesAy-yo! Big Pun-net where it’s at, real actual fact Tactical fruit sacks match perfectly with radical taste stats Magically capped for a flavourful trap That tackles you back and breaks the shackles you’re wrapped in The Lactobacillus lunacy I'm on, I’m sauvage, I’m strong The marriage is long, a forest floor song 60kg’s of raspberries, if you please bend those knees Add the black currants you see, to the tune of 160 ‘kay G? Let the haters stay locked while bottle openers get cocked for the crowds that flock, to get a subtly supple bodaciously bold cuddle from me This ain’t grade school, do we have to debate fool? Class is in session, learn the lesson Let your taste buds be schooled Fresh and tart, juice in ya face, it ain’t no disgrace, C02 is risin’, them bubbles be hypnotizin’ Tastebud emphasizin', socially enterprisin' I help you wax lyrical, mind expansion applicaple This ain’t no miracle you can’t say no Look above me, can you picture a halo? We ain’t players, we just brew a lot.
Weight1.1 kg
Length6.5 cm
Width6.5 cm
Height28 cm
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