Look Who Is Back!

Look Who Is Back!

As much this is super exciting news there is a tiny downside 🙁

Balter has released the following statement alongside their IIPA:

“June 25, 2019

The only IIPA Release for 2019

*IMPORTANT NOTE* Due to an intensive brew schedule and multiple Limited Release beer’s coming out in the second half of 2019 this will be the only scheduled release for Balter IIPA this year… unless there is a riot at which point we’ll have to reflect on the folly of our ways and find a way to stop said riots.”

We think it’s time to get the posters ready and charge the batteries on your megaphones to start up this riot, whilst enjoying the current release of Balter IIPA, of course!

Balter IIPA available in Plonk Belconnen from 26th June and at Fyshwick from the 27th pending delivery.

$9.90 each can or $36 per 4pack.

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