Standard Cases

Some items come as a ‘Standard Case’. This means that it must be purchased as a case rather than as individual items.

An example might be that a specific label of cider is $3.00 a bottle and the producer sells them in a case of eight (8) bottles. That means you must buy that cider in groups of eight for a cost of $24.00 per case (8 x 3 = 24).

Most of our cider’s come this way though we might explore selling them as mixed cases in the future.

Mixed Cases

Some items you can choose whether you would like to purchase them as a ‘Standard Case’ or as part of a ‘Mixed Case’.

A standard case as explained above means you must buy the item in whatever quantity the producer makes their cases – for some products this might be twelve (12), for other items it might be twenty four (24).

If however you want, you can also purchase as little as a single bottle to be put towards a Mixed Case. A mixed case must have twenty four (24) items from the same category (beer/wine etc). So you may decide that you want to buy six (6) bottles of Beer X at $3 a bottle and six (6) of Beer Y at $2 a bottle and twelve (12) bottles of Beer Z at $4 a bottle. This makes a total of twenty four (24) bottles so your mixed case is complete and for this example will cost a total of $78.00 ((6×3) (6×2) (12×4)=78).

Our beer’s are sold this way to give you the opportunity to try everything. Some of our wines can also be purchased as a mixed case.

Single Items

Finally, some of our products can be purchased as single items. This means that you can but just the one bottle or one item.

This mostly applies to our range of spirits and more premium wine options. It is also how our gift items and other non-beverage items (apparel/giftware/literature etc) is sold.


However you choose to place your order, whether it be standard cases, mixed cases, single items or a mixture of all three – once we have your order and you have completed our secure online checkout we will get your order bundled up and sent out with our courier (Courier’s Please) so that your order will be with you before you know it.