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GABS RESULTS: Australia has voted it’s most popular beer of 2019

GABS RESULTS: Australia has voted it’s most popular beer of 2019

What you need to know about this year's GABS hottest 100 resultsWhat you need to know about this year’s GABS hottest 100 results

with Connor our top beer nerd!:


It’s been a massive weekend in the world of Aussie craft beer, there’s been some upsets and there has been some victories.

Here are my Top 5 highlights for this year’s GABS Hottest 100



Feral Biggie JuiceFeral Biggie Juice – This without a doubt shocked me and proved that even though Feral isn’t independent people still love their beer.

Moving up 93 spots to take out 7th Place. Just bananas! SHOP HERE




Black Hops Super HornetBlack Hops Super HornetBlack Hops Hornet & Super Hornet – These two must go together, as Black Hops in general are killing it.

Both beers moving up the list with big jumps and making these Gold Coast brewed beers more prominent. These guys have been making some huge moves, including their crowd funded second brewery.

Good to see it’s paying off. SHOP HERE




BalterBalter Hazy – Okay let’s talk about Balter.

After selling to Carlton United Breweries (CUB), there was some speculation that Balter might not perform as well this year.

Balter XPA lost it’s first spot to Stone & Woods Pacific Ale, but stayed close in second place.

Regardless, they showed us why they are the powerhouses they are, with three debuts in the top 26. Especially HAZY coming 8th!





BentSpoke Crankshaft – Look at our Canberra brewers go!!!

With both Capital and Bentspoke having a hefty presence in the Top 100, I’m getting very excited for the future of the ACT beer scene!

But Crankshaft, just sitting there in 3rd is getting tense (3rd year running). So, with the movement of Balter, will another 12 months move our small territory into the top spot?




Colonial IPA – This beer is one of my top Aussie IPAs without a doubt.

The fact that this is its debut shocks me, especially with its strong prominence in the mainstream market. But all in all I’m glad that it’s now here with both the pale and sour also making some big movements. Onwards and upwards I say! SHOP HERE



For a full list of winners & grinners visit GABS hottest 100 results page (also showing results for):


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